During the 2014-2015 school year, a group of West Field teachers and administrators collaborated on writing an OETT Technology Grant. Through their hard work and determination, West Field was awarded a $65,000 grant to provide 265 iPad minis for classroom instruction and valuable professional development for teachers. This year, we are integrating these iPads into our classroom instruction and learning new ways to use them that promotes higher level thinking. With the help of OETT and the K-20 Center, we are beginning to teach students how to create with their iPads and use them for more than just apps. As we continue this journey, we are learning with the students and invite you to keep up with our progress here!

Our First Training

Before school started, teachers met for an initial training on using iPads in the classroom. We learned about tons of apps and participated in a lesson we might use with students. Check out all the fun we had, especially learning about QR codes!



Receiving Our iPads

In October, the OETT Learning Team each received 7 iPads for their individual classrooms. Each teacher has been using them differently!