What’s New in the Media Center

Media Classes


Students are exploring through purposeful play. This rotation of stations are:

Polar Exploration~ students sort polar animals according to physical characteristics, explore how water changes from solid to liquid, read about polar animals.

Veterinarian~ students practice taking turn speaking and giving information orally and in written form.

News/Weather Reporting~ Students  are using a green screen to be “real” news casters. Students record and report on the weather and “breaking” elementary school news.


Kindergarteners are exploring weather using fiction and nonfiction books as well as some aspects of poetry.

1st Grade

Students are learning to research Polar Animals (1st grade) using the Super 3 research model. Students exploring polar habitats and weather through purposeful play. At the end of this unit students will be using various apps to present their findings to their classmates.

2nd Grade

Second graders are exploring the characteristics of  Biographies (including parts of nonfiction books such as side bars) through “Snowflake Bentley.” In addition students are exploring how snow is made and how the atmosphere affects how a snowflake looks.

3rd Grade

Third graders are exploring reference materials such as encyclopedia, thesaurus, dictionary, atlas, almanac and manuals. Students are discovering how they are organized and which one they would use for a particular purpose.

4th Grade

Students are exploring the 3 branches of government through research. Ask your student which branch of government they represented in their last library class. Using the Big 6 model of research students are choosing a branch of government to explore and presenting their findings through a choice project.

5th Grade

Fifth graders will begin their Big 6 research projects soon and are currently practicing evaluating websites for Timeliness, Relevance, Author, Accuracy and Purpose (TRAAP). They will use websites with .edu and gov. domains to ensure the information they acquire is factual.

Book Battle Club

Students in 3-5th grade have the opportunity to participate in this club on the first week of each month during lunch. Students bring their lunch to the library where we chat about the current Sequoyah Book nominations. Students practice challenging each other with questions about the book they read from the list. In the spring teams will be formed to battle each other with which team know the books the most. All are welcome to join the club as long as they read at least 4 of the 15 book from the 2022-23 Sequoyah Children’s Book List.