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Students are exploring through purposeful play. January /February rotation of stations are:

Polar Exploration: Students explore the climate and animals of the polar region.

  • Students will demonstrate research skills.

  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of fiction vs. non-fiction books by determining which works best for research.

Veterinary Lab: Students explore arctic animal care.

  • Students will begin to compare and contrast characteristics of arctic animals.

  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of animal needs v. human needs.

Weather Station: Students will practice .

  • Students will begin to practice sight words or alphabet identification and sounds.

  •  Students will acquire new academic, content-specific, grade-level vocabulary, relate new words to prior knowledge, and apply vocabulary in new situations. 


Pre-K will listen to a story and check out books. They will practice listening and speaking.


Kindergarteners will explore non-fiction vs. fiction books to research arctic animals. They will use graphs and charts to identify differences and similarities.

1st and 2nd Grade

Students will practice selecting books based on need. They will identify the characteristics of non-fiction books to get factual information. Students will also practice identifying characteristics of poetry. Students will acquire new academic vocabulary regarding animals, habitat and weather.

3rd Grade

Students will explore setting, tone and mood in poetry such as "Walking by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost.

Students will determine the reference source for a given need. (encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, almanac)

4th Grade-5th grade

We will present a given topic (Branches of government grade 3, thirteen colonies grade 5). Students will utilize a choice board to present their findings from research.

Book Battle Club

Students in 3-5th grade have the opportunity to participate in this club on the first week of each month during lunch. Students bring their lunch to the library where we chat about the current Sequoyah Book nominations. Students practice challenging each other with questions about the book they read from the list. In the spring teams will be formed to battle each other with which team know the books the most. All are welcome to join the club as long as they read at least 4 of the 15 book from the 2024-25 Sequoyah Children’s Book List.